Sneak Peek: Headbands & Mittens

We’re now down to 17 days before my fall and winter Etsy relaunch! I’m definitely feeling the pressure of getting everything done in time, but I’m also super excited for all of you to start seeing some of the designs I’ve made for this launch. So just as you got a sneak peek of my stocking listings a week or so ago, I wanted to give you little peeks at the rest of my products as well. Today is all about my headbands & mittens!

The blue headband shown below is one of my original designs from my first Etsy launch. I’ve just tweaked the pattern a bit to make it better. It is still one of the most comfortable headbands I’ve ever worn because of its stretch, and actually, last winter I think I wore one almost every day (I kept four different colors for myself).

Those mittens are a new pattern, though! I have been wanting to create my own mitten pattern for awhile, and while I was on maternity leave, I finally found the time to devote to it. There’s two different sizes available. These aquamarine ones are the smaller of the two. They fit hand sizes up to 7.75″ around. The larger size, seen below as the linen and charcoal ones, will fit hands up to 8.75″ around.

The other super cool thing about these mittens is that you can get them in a single color, like the aquamarine ones, or you can get them two-toned, like the linen and charcoal ones. There’s about 25 colors for you to choose from, so the hardest part is probably just going to be picking one or two colors!

And finally, we have the second headband that I designed specifically for this relaunch. It is my favorite pattern in this fall and winter collection, so that probably tells you a lot. Its got the right amount of stretch and the right amount of detail in the twist. But the overall simplicity of the headband is what makes it so great. I think you’d be able to wear this with almost anything!

So there you have it, both headband designs and both mitten designs. I’ll also be offering sets for a discounted price, that way if you really like both, you can get them together! 

I still have to show you my baby line, all the scarves, all the beanies, and the ever-popular Mommy & Me and Daddy & Me sets. Keep a watch out, because I’ll be giving you a sneak peek of all of those before the launch on September 12th. If you have any questions so far, feel free to reach out to me via Instagram, the contact page, or email at I can’t wait to show you what else I’ve created!

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