Sneak Peek: Stockings

Hoorah for the first sneak peek! Today I wanted to take some time to show you one of the many listings that will be available when my Etsy shop relaunches on September 12th. There’s a long story behind these Christmas stockings, and there’s not really any place on the listing page to write it out, so I thought this would be the perfect place to do that!

I’ve always had a problem with Christmas stockings because either you have to buy 20 at a time to make sure they will always match when your family starts to grow (and they can be super expensive!), or you have to buy a new set every year when you add a new family member (which can be just as expensive, if not more!).

So when I got pregnant last year, I knew that I had to find a solution. Our family was growing and I didn’t want to worry about my stocking problem every year. I realized that if I made my own stockings and always followed the same pattern, I’d be able to add another every year that I needed to without all the problems. So I searched Pinterest for the perfect pattern. I hadn’t really decided yet if I was going to sew my stockings or crochet them, so I just searched with an open mind.

After about a week or two of searching, I finally found this pattern by Sincerely Pam and knew it was perfect for what I was envisioning! I liked that it looked like a traditional sock but also had some color variation and a simple pattern to go with my decor. I tend to decorate our house with a modern but woodsy-Christmas theme, so I stuck to making these with reds, greens, gray and white. And when we add a new member to our growing family, I’m planning on just switching up the layout of the colors so each of us has our own design, but they all still go together nicely.

When my Aunt later asked me if I’d make her some stockings too, I realized that other people probably have the same frustrations with stockings that I do, and that’s when I decided to add these to my Fall/Winter Etsy collection this year.

You’ll be able to purchase complete stocking sets, with as many as you need. I made four for my family, but my Aunt needs 8, and I’m sure there are huge families out there that need two fireplaces to accommodate all the stockings they have! Then, my intention is to also let you purchase just one stocking, so when your family grows, you’ll be able to come back and purchase a single sock to match your set perfectly.

And pricing will be scaleable, so the more you buy, the bigger discount you’ll get. “But what about the single sock I need to complete my set,” you ask? Don’t worry about that. When you order your first set, you’ll get a coupon code to get a discount off future single socks that you need to purchase!

Right now, I’ll only be offering traditional Christmas colors, but I do want to eventually sell some with non-traditional colors, like blues and pinks and yellows, in the near future. So if that’s something you’d like, just send me a quick message and we can work something out for you!

Now, here’s the caveat with these stockings. If you want them by Christmas, you’ll have to order before December 1st, especially if you’re planning on ordering a big set! I’ll need time to make all of them and send them off to you before Christmas. So if this is something you’re thinking about pulling the trigger on, I’d recommend acting sooner rather than later.

So what do you think? Have any questions about them? Ask me in the comments below! And be sure to follow all of my crochet escapades on Instagram!

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